(b. 1501, Firenze, d. 1547, Roma)

Adoration of the Child

Oil on panel transferred to canvas, 274 x 221 cm
National Gallery of Art, Washington

The style of Perino del Vaga, a Florentine Mannerist, differs sharply from that of Pontormo and Rosso, possibly because of his association with Raphael in Rome. Perino bridges, in fact, the gap between the Roman High Renaissance and the Mannerism, the dominant style of the middle and late Cinquecento.

Perino's Adoration is a variant on the Nativity, although neither shed, manger, ox, ox, ass, nor shepherds are present. Perino's signature and the date 1534 appear on the foreshortened tablet in the foreground - a device borrowed from Albrecht Dürer.