(b. 1450, Citta della Pieve, d. 1523, Perugia)

View of the Sala di Udienza

Collegio del Cambio, Perugia

This picture shows the right and back walls of the Sala di Udienza in the Collegio del Cambio. On the back wall the scenes of the Transfiguration and the Adoration of the Shepherds can be seen, on the right wall the group of Prophets and Sibyls is depicted, and the statue of Justitia is placed between two carved griffins.

Because of its vaulted ceiling decorated with grotesques, the Sala di Udienza (Council Room) seems taller than it actually is. Its decor appears so consistent that one would not suspect that it was actually executed in several stages. The Florentine woodcarver Domenico del Tasso (1440-1508) created the inlaid paneling and the richly carved "tribunal," or judges' bench in 1491-92. The walls were decorated with frescoes by Perugino in 1497-1500.