(active 1580s)

Pope Sixtus V

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

This engraving was published in "Inuicti quinarii numeri series. Quae summatim a superioribus pontificibus et maxime a Sixto quinto res praeclare quadrienno gesta adnumerat ad eundem Sixtum quintum pont. opt. max. Romae, 1589 (Romae : apud Franciscum Zannettum, 1589)". Giovanni Pinadello was an artist from Treviso.

To ensure that his extensive rebuilding of Rome would be remembered, Sixtus V commemorated his architectural commissions in a series of prints and publications. One of these shows him surrounded by his building projects in much the same way that early saints' altarpieces showed saints surrounded by narratives of their miracles. Each of the small illustrations is diagramatically represented and carefully labeled so that there can be no doubt about Sixtus's accomplishments.