(b. ca. 1592, Haarlem, d. ca. 1649, Haarlem)

Banquet on a Terrace

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam

Simon van Poelenburch (not related to the painter Cornelis van Poelenburch, or Poelenburgh) was an engraver, one with a very small known output; he is noted chiefly for having done engravings after Esaias van de Velde. He came from a distinguished circle of artists in Haarlem. His brother, Dirck Poelenburch was also an artist. By the 1630s, Poelenburch turned from art to tulip trade.

The Banquet on a Terrace was based on a design by Esaias van de Velde. The French inscription playfully repudiates those slanderers who object to the gathering of young men and prostitutes. ("Let us pass the time, dear friends. Without fear of the slanderes Who sound an infamous discourse Wounding the honour of courtesans.")