POLLACK, Leopold
(b. 1751, Wien, d. 1806, Milano)

Exterior view

Villa Reale, Milan

The Villa Belgioioso (later Villa Reale) was built for Ludovico Barbiano di Belgioioso by Leopold Pollack, who had previously worked for Giuseppe Piermarini on the conversion of the Palazzo Ducale in Milan. Unusually located within the city fortifications, the three-wing design combines the traditional type with elements of a French hôtel. The garden front is dominated by strongly projecting pedimented side pavilions and a broader but less pronounced centre pavilion incorporated in the horizontal. The giant order of the fluted Ionic pilasters and columns are over a rusticated ground floor. The close colonnading and packed decoration cover all surfaces with reliefs and ornamental friezes. A balustrade with numerous statues provides a final flourish at the top.