POMIS, Pietro de
(b. ca. 1569, Lodi, d. 1633, Graz)

Exterior view

begun 1614
Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II, Graz

The Italian approach in Austrian baroque architecture is most clearly reflected in the mausoleum of Ferdinand II in Graz. Before his accession as archduke of Styria, he was an emphatic advocate of the Counter-Reformation. Ferdinand commissioned plans for the structure from the Italian architect and painter Pietro de Pomis (c. 1569-1633). Pomis was probably the first architect to make use of an oval ground plan north of the Alps for this mausoleum in St. Catherine's church. He envisaged a two-storey circular structure surmounted by an oval dome, a characteristic Italian motif.

After the death of Pomis construction was suspended for half a century until Fischer von Erlach was commissioned to fit out the half-finished shell in 1687.

The photo shows the west front of the mausoleum.