PONZIO, Flaminio
(b. 1559, Viggiu, d. 1613, Roma)

Tomb of Clement VIII

Cappella Paolina, Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome

The symmetrical tombs of Clement VIII and Paul V, executed by the Milanese sculptor Flaminio Ponzio in the Pauline chapel of Santa Maria Maggiore, reproduce the architecture of the tombs of Sixtus V and Pius V, which Fontana had done earlier in the Sistine chapel of the same church. There is, nevertheless, a strong difference between the two chapels, which provoked animated discussion in the 17th century; while Bellori declared himself in favour of the architectural clarity of Fontana, Baglione defended the ornate richness of Ponzio's carved decoration, especially noticeable in the tomb of Clement VIII.