(b. 1504, Bologna, d. 1570, Paris)

Ceiling decoration

Camera degli Stucchi, Palazzo del Tè, Mantua

In the Camera degli Stucchi (Room of the Stuccoes) of the Palazzo del Tè in Mantua, very elegant, white stucco reliefs dominate the space, they are modelled in a technique that imitates ancient Roman decoration, which was widely used in the circle of Raphael and his workshop but was virtually unknown in Mantua before Giulio Romano arrived. The stucco reliefs were executed by Primaticcio, and, according to Vasari, Giovanni Battista Scultori (1503-1575).

Olympic gods animate the geometric fields of the barrel vault, and two large figures of Mars and Hercules in the lunettes of the vault dominate the intimate space of the room.