(b. 1625, Sint-Truiden, d. 1700, Antwerpen)

Tomb of Bishop Marius Ambrose Capello

after 1676
Black, red and white marble
O.-L. Vrouwekathedraal, Antwerp

Bishop Capello is shown in his full regalia. He turns his head slightly and raises his body, his hands clasped in prayer on a pillow. This complex pose reflects the original position of the monument in choir of the Antwerp Cathedral. The bishop is shown as if gazing the high altar to follow the services performed there.

Capello, a Dominican friar before he was appointed bishop, was a benefactor of the poor and of the cathedral. He enjoyed a great deal of prestige. In 1676 the last sacraments were brought to him on his deathbed by a procession that included the members of the city council and 50 canons and chaplains, each carrying a candle.