(b. ca. 1430, Colmar, d. 1491, Breisach)

Madonna and Child in a Rose Arbour

Tempera on wood, 201 x 112 cm
Saint-Martin, Colmar

Of the numerous paintings attributed to Schongauer, only a few can be considered as by his own hand. Many are clearly workshop productions or the paintings of his followers or imitators. None is signed, but the huge MNadonna and Child in a Rose Arbour, dated 1473, has been accepted as an authentic work of the artist. The panel has been cut down on the sides and top, but its entire composition can be reconstructed on the basis of a copy by a follower.

Schongauer's composition repeats the famous Madonna in the Rose Garden popular in Cologne and perfected by Stephan Lochner. Missing portion at the top included the image of the Lord in heaven and the dove of the Holy Spirit, just as in Lochner's work.