(b. 1626, Leiden, d. 1679, Leiden)

A Burgher of Delft and His Daughter

Oil on canvas, 83 x 69 cm
Private collection

The sitter, a prominent citizen of Delft, is depicted with his daughter at the front door of a house on the Oude Delft. Presumably he actually did live on the Oude Delft but it may not be assumed that the modern house on the left in the picture and its location corresponded closely with reality. The bridge to the right appears to have been placed arbitrarily for formal reasons and in order to support the city crest of Delft and a passing witness to the home owner's concern for the poor. The size and arrangement of the trees behind the sitter have clearly been calculated to frame the two adult figures, the tower of the Oude Kerk, and, over the man's shoulder, the Prinsenhof, where the Chamber of Charity met.