TENIERS, David the Younger
(b. 1610, Antwerpen, d. 1690, Bruxelles)

Smokers in an Interior

c. 1637
Oil on panel, 39 x 37 cm
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

Adriaen Brouwer's work influenced artists such as Jan Steen and David Teniers the Younger, although their tavern scenes have a more light-hearted and relaxed character than those of Brouwer. Teniers focused on the depiction of everyday scenes and interiors, to which he applied his marvellous powers of description. Smokers in an Interior is highly realistic, both in the representation of the figures and in the humble and unrefined setting; the artist delights in reproducing such objects as the pitcher, the mortar and the flagon in the foreground.