TISCHBEIN, Johann Heinrich the Younger
(b. 1742, Haina, d. 1808, Kassel)

Conradin of Swabia and Frederick of Baden Being Informed of Their Execution in Prison in Naples

Oil on canvas, 66 x 92 cm
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Conradin (1252-1268), son of Holy Roman Emperor Conrad IV, duke of Swabia, titular king of Jerusalem and Sicily was the last legitimate Hohenstaufen. While Conradin was still a child in Germany, his uncle Manfred made himself (1258) king of Sicily. When Manfred died the kingdom was seized (1266) by Charles I (Charles of Anjou). Young Conradin went to Italy in an attempt to recover his kingdom. Several cities rallied to his support, but he was defeated (1268) by Charles at Tagliacozzo. He was captured and executed at Naples, together with his childhood friend Friedrich of Baden.