TIZIANO Vecellio
(b. 1490, Pieve di Cadore, d. 1576, Venezia)

Portrait of a Girl

c. 1545
Oil on canvas, 85 x 75 cm
Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte, Naples

The young girl in this small painting has frequently been identified as Titian's daughter, Lavinia. But there is little to support this claim apart from the blonde hair. Its interpretation as Clelia Farnese, which would mean that the painting was commissioned by a member of Pope Paul III's family, is given little credence by scholars. It has even been disputed whether this is an original work by Titian, or whether it is an imitation painted by another talented artist. What is certain is that the painting, with the delightful play of pale pink and light golds, would have been painted by a member of Titian's circle.