(active 1154-1186 in Rome)

Easter Candlestick

c. 1170
Marble, height 560 cm
San Paolo fuori le Mura, Rome

This type of marble candlestick, created to hold the Easter candle, began to be widely used in the 10th century as part of the Holy Saturday liturgy. This imposing candleholder has splendid decorations along its shaft. Divided horizontally into six registers, vegetal and animal motifs alternate with scenes of the Passion and resurrection of Christ. Below the scenes is an inscription with the names of the two authors: Nicola (Niccolò) d'Angelo and Pietro Vassalletto. The concept of the work is attributed to Pietro Vassalletto, while the attribution of the different parts remains controversial since other works definitely by Nicola d'Angelo with which it would be possible to make comparisons are not known.