VRIES, Adriaen de
(b. ca. 1556, The Hague, d. 1626, Prague)

Hercules Fountain

Maximilianstrasse, Augsburg

In the course of an international career, de Vries' services were called upon by some of the greatest art patrons of the time: the Duc de Savoie, the Emperor Rudolph II, the King of Denmark, Duke Albert von Wallenstein, and the City of Augsburg. This fountain crowned by a a symbol of Virtue - a statue of Hercules conquering the Hydra - is one of three fountains put up to mark the sixteen-hundredth anniversary of the city. These fountains represent the three estates of the free imperial town: the masters (Augustus fountain), the merchants (Mercurius fountain) and the craftsmen (Hercules fountain).

The Hercules fountain, a monumental Italianate work, is De Vries's most significant work. The original is in the Maximilian Museum in Augsburg.