ZINNIK, Gilbertus van
(b. 1627, Grimbergen, d. 1660, Grimbergen)

Exterior view

begun 1647
Norbertine Abbey Church, Grimbergen

The churches of the Premonstratensian (Norbertine) order have a special significance in the history of late-seventeenth-century Flemish church architecture. The expansion and decoration of the Norbertine abbeys in the Southern Netherlands accelerated after 1650. In these abbeys particularly the long choirs, essential for the offices of the order, stand out.

The Norbertine church of Grimbergen was built to the design of the architect, Father Gilbertus van Zinnik, a member of the order. In spite of the fact that it remained incomplete the church ranks among the most harmonious Baroque buildings in Belgium. The tower houses a 49-bell carillon, the houses lining the central square in front of the church have been rebuilt in the original style of the 18th century.