(active 1190s in northern France)

Ingeborg Psalter

c. 1195
Manuscript (Ms. 9), 304 x 204 mm
Musée Condé, Chantilly

The miniatures on this page (folio 16v) illustrate events from the life of Christ in two registers, one above the other. The upper image shows the traditional annunciation to the shepherds, telling of the birth of Christ. In the lower image, Mary and Joseph present the infant Jesus in the Temple. The hands of the old man, Simeon, are covered with a cloth as he reaches across the altar towards the child - an indication that there is a liturgical meaning to the scene. It is a reference to Christ's sacrifice during holy communion. Another allusion to this is the pair of doves which the prophet Hannah is holding on the right of the picture. In this instance she is not portrayed as an old woman, which is unusual.