(active 1130s)

The "Golden Altar" of Lisbjerg

Rolled and chased sheet copper, gilded bronze casting, width 158 cm
National Museum, Copenhagen

A small number of Scandinavian monuments now contain impressive configurations and superpositions of antependium (altar screen), retable (altar superstructure), and large crucifix, resting on this panel but usually surrounded by an arched structure. That from Lisbjerg, dating to 1135-40, is the oldest surviving example of its kind. It was probably intended for the main altar of St Mary's in Aarhus, which functioned from 1060 as the first cathedral church of the diocese. It was transferred to Lisbjerg village church in 1479.

The detailed description of this altar from Lisbjerg: rolled and repoussé copper sheeting, gilded, ornaments in email brun, Virgin and Child in gilded cast bronze.