ALBERTI, Italian family of artists

They came from Borgo San Sepolcro, a town set on one of the crossroads between Tuscany, the Marches and Umbria, and flourished primarily in the 16th century, when the family workshop grew in size and several members achieved prominence in the visual arts. Alberto Alberti (1525-1598) was the son of Giovanni di Giuliano di Alberto Alberti (Giovanni di Berto), called Lito, (1483-1553), a painter and sculptor. Alberto was an architect and military engineer to the Medici. He worked in Florence for Cosimo I de' Medici c. 1548 and worked in Rome from 1563 to 1586 for the Medici family, primarily as a wood-carver but also as a painter, military engineer and cartographer, and left detailed diaries and account books covering 50 years of his family's activities.

Alberto was the father of Alessandro Alberti (1551-1596), a painter, Cherubino Alberti (1553-1615), a painter and printmaker, and Giovanni Alberti (1558-1601), a painter. In the 16th-17th centuries the family had other painter members.

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