(b. ca. 1330, Zevio, d. ca. 1390, Verona)

Two scenes on the northeast wall

Oratorio di San Giorgio, Padua

Six of the seven paintings on the northeast wall (left to the entrance) are devoted to the life and martyrdom of St George. The picture shows St George Baptizes the King and His Family (top) and St George Liberated by Angels from Torture on the Wheel (bottom).

According to the Golden Legend, the king had a large church erected in honour of the Virgin Mary and St George. The three-aisle basilica shown in cross section in the middle segment of the baptizing scene's expansive architectural backdrop, with its lofts, galleries, pulpits and all sorts of attached structures, is an allusion to this church.

The St George cycle continues in the lower register of the wall with images depicting the saint being sentenced to various tortures. However, neither the cup of poison given to St George nor torture on the sword-studded wheel is capable of doing the condemned saint any harm. Two angels intervene and the wheel breaks into pieces, causing the commander, the torturers, and the onlookers to shrink back in horror.

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