(b. ca. 1613, Eu, d. 1686, Paris)

Interior decoration

Marble and stucco
Val-de-Grâce, Paris

The Val-de-Grâce, designed by François Mansart and others, was begun in 1645 by Anne of Austria in fulfilment of a vow made before the birth of the Dauphin, later Louis XIV. The decoration of the interior was carried out by Michel Anguier between 1662 and 1667. Anguier's works at the Val-de-Grâce show the last form which the struggle of Baroque and classical tendencies took in him. The reliefs in the spandrels and on the vault of the nave are as classical as any work of the time, but in the group of the Nativity for the high altar, now in St Roch, Baroque movement asserts itself.

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