(b. 1526, Milano, d. 1593, Milano)


Oil on canvas, 93 x 72 cm
Art Museum, Denver

Because of the similar dimensions and support (canvas), the Summer and the Autumn in Denver, and the Winter in Houston are considered to belong to the same series of Four Seasons.

Since the version of Autumn from Arcimboldo's initial series of Seasons, dated 1563, is lost, this version of Autumn is important as representing the earliest surviving depiction of that season by Arcimboldo. Comparison of this painting of Autumn with an authentic version dated 1573 (in the Louvre, Paris) indicates a similar manner of construction, same materials, and similar touch. On the other hand, notable discrepancies do exist between significant details in the two paintings: they have different tonalities and even hues, as well as treating the individual forms differently.

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