BARATTA, Italian family of artists

The family originated in Carrara, the well-known source of the best Italian marble. Jacopo Baratta, a mason at Monte Marcello, near Sarzana, was the father of Francesco Baratta (c. 1600-1666), Giovanni Maria Baratta (c. 1617-1675), Isidoro Baratta and Andrea Baratta (active 1650s). Francesco was a sculptor and follower of Gianlorenzo Bernini, and Giovanni Maria a mason and architect who worked with Alessandro Algardi. The less gifted Andrea collaborated with his brothers in the sculptural decoration of San Nicola da Tolentino, Rome, where he carved two reliefs of Charity and Religion. Little is known of Isidoro, but his three sons Pietro Baratta (1668-1729), Giovanni di Isidoro Baratta and Francesco Baratta (d. 1731) were sculptors, Giovanni di Isidoro attracting royal patronage from various European monarchs. Pietro was active in Venice; his most famous work is the elaborate Brandolin monument (1708) in the church of Cison di Valmarino. He travelled to Rome in 1710; he later executed works for Udine Cathedral and c. 1727 returned to Carrara.

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