(b. 1483, Ghent, d. 1561, Bruges)

Flemish Calendar

Manuscript (Clm 23638), 140 x 104 mm (each)
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich

Only small fragments of this survive, the remains of a once comprehensive book of hours. It was created in Bruges for an unknown, albeit wealthy patron in the busy workshop of Simon Bening. It is one of the most dazzling masterpieces made in the workshop. The miniatures with their realistic landscape sections - lending insight into rural and city life of this period - look like small panel paintings. Bening was exceptionally skillful at combining the picture and the written word.

The double page in the open book (folios 10v and 11r) depicts the harvesting of grain as a traditional occupation in the month of August. The border image on the opposite page shows the apple harvest.

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