BERCKHEYDE, Dutch family of painters and draughtsmen

Job Berckheyde and his brother Gerrit Berckheyde were renowned for their architectural paintings. Gerrit was the only recorded pupil of his older brother Job. During the 1650s the brothers made an extended trip to Germany along the Rhine, visiting Cologne, Bonn, Mannheim and finally Heidelberg. Whether this occurred before or after 1654, when Job became a master of the Guild of St Luke in Haarlem, is uncertain. According to legend, the brothers worked in Heidelberg for Charles Ludwig (d 1680), Elector Palatine; however, their inability to adapt to court life led them to return to Haarlem, where Gerrit became a member of the Guild of St Luke on 27 July 1660. In Haarlem the Berckheyde brothers shared a house and perhaps a studio as well. The degree of their mutual influence and involvement remains unclear. Confusion between them may have resulted from the similarity of their signatures, where Job's j resembles Gerrit's g. Job also signed his work with an H (for Hiob or Job) and with the monogram HB.

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