(b. ca. 1460, d. ca. 1528, Batalha)

Interior view

Church of the Monastery of Jesus, Setúbal

The church is rather narrow and consists of a nave and two side aisles of the same height, unifying inner space as in a hall church, a characteristic that would be found in later Manueline spaces like the nave of the Jerónimos Monastery of Lisbon. Each pillar of the nave, supporting a pointed arch, is composed of three intertwined subcolumns in rough granite. The side aisles are supported by semi-barrel vaults.

The choir of the church has a square shape. It is covered by an exuberant late Gothic star-ribbed vaulting with decorative bosses. Some of the ribs of the vault have the shape of a twisted rope, again anticipating a common theme in Manueline vaultings throughout the country. The inner walls of the apse are decorated with 17th-century blue-and-white tiles (azulejos) with geometric patterns.

The photo shows the nave and choir of the church.

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