BOSCOLI, Tommaso di Pietro
(b. 1503, Fiesole, d. 1574, Montepulciano)

Palazzo Nobili Tarugi: Façade

Piazza Grande, Montepulciano

The origins of this Renaissance palazzo are linked with a turreted Gothic building which faced the parish church (now the cathedral) and the Palazzo Pubblico. It was in the 16th century that the building took on its solemn appearance with a weighty covering of travertine stone, with decorative details on the great portal, the ground floor loggia (then open to public), the balustrade on the reception upper floor, and the top-floor corner loggia, which was originally open.

The palazzo was designed by Tommaso Boscoli, a student of Antonio da Sangallo the Elder, and was built after 1550 when the owner was Vincenzo de' Nobili, husband of Lodovica del Monte, the sister of Pope Julius III. The Tarugi family took over the palazzo in 1713 after the former owners had died out.

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