BOSIO, Antonio
(b. 1575, Malta, d. 1629, Roma)

Wall-painting fragment

Biblioteca Apostolica, Vatican

The great work achieved by Bosio was almost unknown till the publication three years after his death of his "Roma Sotterranea". The folio volume was brought out under the patronage of the Knights of Malta, by the Oratorian Severano, who had been entrusted with its editorship by Cardinal Francesco Barberini. Its full title is "Roma Sotterranea, opera postuma di Antonio Bosio Romano, antiquario ecclesiastico singolare de' suoi tempi. Compita, disposta, et accresciuta dal M. R. P. Giovanni Severani da S. Severino" (Rome, 1632).

The present engraving from Roma Sotterranea (Vol. 2, 131) depicts a six-century wall painting fragment from the catacombs of Poziano.

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