(b. 1444, Fermignano, d. 1514, Roma)


c. 1481
Fresco transferred to canvas, 90 x 113 cm
Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan

From the old house of the Panigarola family, later owned by the Prinetti, where it decorated the so-called Barons' Hall. Detached and removed to the Brera Gallery in 1901. It is likely that this painting, as well as the entire fresco cycle, was commissioned by Gottardo Panigarola, Chancellor to Gian Galeazzo Sforza, Duke of Milan. According to Lamazzo, the cycle portrays the most famous men-at-arms of the time; Pietro Suola the Elder, Giorgio Moro da Ficino and Beltrame.

The emphasis placed on features such as the tufts of the beard and the tiny wrinkles of the face lend an almost caricatural tone to this parade figure. Bramante has also given careful attention to such psychological details as the glance of the eyes and the somewhat disdainful cut of the mouth.

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