(b. 1377, Firenze, d. 1446, Firenze)

Santo Spirito: View of the nave and choir

Piazza Santo Spirito, Florence

Brunelleschi built two large basilical churches in Florence, both completed after his death but showing the development of his style in his later years, and both of them became patterns of the Latin cross type of plan. The earlier of the two is San Lorenzo, the later was the Santo Spirito, which is basically very similar to San Lorenzo, and the two churches between them became exemplars of the Brunelleschian style.

A church is known to have existed on the site of Santo Spirito since about 1250. Brunelleschi's design for rebuilding was approved by a commission in 1434, the foundation stone was laid in 1436. Very little, however, was done; and when Brunelleschi died ten years later the first column was on the site, but the church was not finished until 1482, after some alterations to the original design.Brunelleschi's façade was never built and left blank.

View the ground plan of Santo Spirito, Florence.

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