BULLET, Pierre
(b. 1639, d. 1716, Paris)

General view

Porte Saint-Martin, Paris

Bullet was a pupil of François Blondel and began his career by carrying out some of his designs such as the Porte Saint-Denis (1671). As a result of this work he was himself commissioned to build another gate, the Porte Saint-Martin for the city of Paris. It was built at the order of Louis XIV in honour of his victories on the Rhine and in Franche-Comté. Built in 1674, it replaced a medieval gate in the city walls built by Charles V.

The Porte Saint-Martin is a heavily rusticated triumphal arch, 18 meters high, built in limestone and marble. Recesses are occupied by bas-reliefs. The gate was restored in 1988.

The photo shows the Porte Saint-Martin viewed from the rue Saint-Martin.

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