CAMPI, Italian family of artists

From Cremona, they were active there and elsewhere in Italy from the late 15th century to the late 16th. Galeazzo Campi (c. 1477-1536) and Sebastiano Campi (active 152231), sons of Antonio Campi, were both painters who probably shared a workshop. Galeazzo's sons, Giulio Campi and Antonio Campi were painters and architects who collaborated on many decorative cycles in the mid-16th century. After Giulio's death, Antonio began to paint in a more naturalistic manner, and in this he was followed to some extent by his youngest brother, Vincenzo Campi, who had also almost certainly studied earlier with Giulio. The third generation of the Campi included Antonio's son, Claudio Campi, who signed his own name to his father's drawings.

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