(b. 1730, Vincennes, d. 1786, Wien)

Exterior view

Josephinum, Vienna

Josephinum, a medical/surgical academy for the training of military doctors (also called Josephs-Akademie), was founded by Joseph II in 1785. Closed from 1849-1854, then reopened. It remained an educational establishment for army doctors until 1874.

The Josephinum building, built in 1783-1785 in Neoclassical style according to plans by Isidore Canevale, with a fountain (Hygieiabrunnen) by J. Johann Martin Fischer in the courtyard (Ehrenhof), was used for courses for army doctors in the years 1875-1883, and for a school of applied medicine for military doctors from 1900 to 1918. Today it houses, among other institutions, the Institute of Medical History, with an impressive collection of anatomical and obstetrical wax models (from 1920 onwards).

The photo shows the exterior of the building seen from the courtyard.

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