CARLONE, Italian family of artists

Taddeo Carlone (1543–1615) and his brother Giuseppe Carlone were, like their father Giovanni Carlone, sculptors. Born in Rovio (Lombardy), they moved to Genoa c. 1560. Another member of the family was Pietro Carlone, who with his son Francesco Carlone was a bronze-caster. Taddeo's sons Giovanni Carlone and Giovanni Battista Carlone became painters, probably working together in Genoa and Milan and perhaps in Rome and Florence before 1630. The Carlone brothers' sculptural heritage and their education in Rome and Florence differed from that of their Genoese contemporaries who had studied under Giovanni Battista Paggi, and together with Domenico Fiasella they stimulated a revival of fresco decoration in Genoa. Frescoes painted in the 1620s by the Carlone brothers and Fiasella and by Lazzaro Tavarone, Andrea Ansaldo and Bernardo Castello are close in composition, colour, figures and subject-matter. Giovanni Battista Carlone's studio produced a vast quantity of brilliantly coloured frescoes, which were highly proficient and popular. He relied on family members, and among his 24 children were Simon Carlone, Niccolò Carlone (1644–1714) and Giovanni Andrea Carlone, who assisted him and kept the studio alive until the end of the 17th century.

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