(b. 1592, Trento, d. 1673, Trento)

Funeral Monument to Doge Francesco Erizzo

Bronze and marble
Church of San Martino, Venice

Francesco Erizzo (1566-1646) was the 98th Doge of Venice, reigning from his election in 1631 until his death fifteen years later. His reign is particularly notable because the last year of his reign saw the beginning of a war with the Ottoman Empire for control of Crete that would last for 24 years and dominate the geopolitics of the Mediterranean.

The Doge died in January 1646, he was buried in the church of San Martino, where his funeral monument, commissioned from Mattia Carneri by the Doge himself in 1633, may still be seen on the wall to the right as one enters to the church.

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