(b. 1824, Anizy-le-Château, d. 1887, Sèvres)

The Abduction of Hippodamia

c. 1871
Bronze, 65 x 51 cm
Private collection

In Greek mythology, Hippodamia was the bride of King Pirithous of the Lapiths. At their wedding, Hippodamia, the other female guests, and the young boys were abducted by the Centaurs. Pirithous and his friend, Theseus, led the Lapiths to victory over the Centaurs in a battle known as the Centauromachy.

This bronze is probably a collaborative work of Carrier-Belleuse and the young Auguste Rodin, who worked in worked in Carrier-Belleuse's Brussels studio from 1864 to 1871.

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