CARUS, Carl Gustav
(b. 1789, Leipzig, d. 1869, Dresden)

Morning Fog

c. 1825
Watercolour, paper mounted on board, 20 x 26 cm
Nationalgalerie, Berlin

Carl Gustav Carus, though fifteen years Friedrich's junior, was a close friend, associate, and in some ways influence. Like Friedrich, he was a friend of Goethe. He was also author of important literature for the Romantic movement and its ethos. Carus, with Friedrich, was keenly interested in Dutch art of the seventeenth century and took over some of its elements. His Foggy Landscape (also known as Morning Fog) has much of the clear-eyed vision of Dutch Baroque art, but it shares the freshness of contemporary works by Constable and Turner. The watercolour medium of this view was ever more popular in the nineteenth century, especially among men and women like Carus who had other careers in addition to painting and needed speedy pictorial results.

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