(b. ca. 1250, Roma, d. 1330, Roma)

Apse: St Peter Recommending Bertoldo Stefanschi to the Virgin

Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome

The mosaics in the apse calotte and on the apsidal arch at Santa Maria in Trastevere commissioned by Pope Innocent II in around 1140 were supplemented toward the end of the thirteenth century by seven more mosaics, six of them narrating the life of the Virgin. An additional mosaic picture was added to the life of the Virgin which portrays a layman, recommended by St Peter as intercessor, adoring the Virgin and Child. A label identifies him as Bertoldo, son of Peter, and the coat of arms placed close to the inscription indicates that he was a member of the Roman Stefaneschi family.

Mary and the child are clearly set apart from the other figures as a heavenly vision within a round aureole. Both turn toward Bertoldo, the donor, and the Christ child's gesture of blessing indicates that his prayer has been heard. St Paul, who stands at the left edge with a book and a sword as attributes, is included as a witness.

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