(b. 1601, Firenze, d. 1661, Innsbruck)

South wall decoration (detail)

Palazzo Pitti, Florence

The so-called Salone di San Giovanni in the Palazzo Pitti is in what were formerly the summer apartments of the Medici dynasty and today house the Museo degli Argenti.In light, airy frescoes , speckled with gold-like silk tapestries, Giovanni da San Giovanni, assisted by a select team of Florentine painters from the early 17th century (Cecco Bravo, Ottavio Vannini, Francesco Furini) celebrated the marriage, in 1635, of Fernando II to Vittoria della Rovere, the last heir of the Urbino dynasty. The frescoes exalt the destiny of Florence, cradle of the arts and heir to classical civilisation. The frescoes tell how Western culture, driven away by the triumphant Islam after the fall of Constantinople, found a welcome in Italy, and particularly in the Florence of Lorenzo the Magnificent.

The detail shows Lorenzo surrounded by artists and the Muses.

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