CESARI, Giuseppe
(b. 1568, Arpino, d. 1640, Roma)

Battle of Tullius Hostilius against the Veii

Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome

A narrative scene painted on a wall as a framed picture was referred to as a "quadro riportato," which to seventeenth-century thinking suggested that a framed panel painting had been translated into the medium of fresco. The simulated tapestry, first employed in monumental wall pictures by Raphael and his pupils in the painting of the Sala di Constantino in the Vatican, can be thought of as a variant of the quadro riportato. The wall pictures in the great hall of Rome's Palazzo dei Conservatori were inspired by the Sala di Constantino, presenting events from the founding of Rome as imaginary wall tapestries. Given the appearance of tapestry, the wall painting took on added richness.

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