(b. 1436, Lucca, d. 1501, Lucca)

Exterior view

Palazzo Pretorio, Lucca

Civitali demonstrated his talents as an architect and engineer in the bridge across the River Serchio at Moriano (1490), his fortifications at Lucca (1491) and the Palazzo Pretorio in Lucca, begun in 1494 but completed only after 1506, presumably by his son, Nicolao Civitali (1482-1560). While the overall design of this two-storey palace is derived from prototypes by Michelozzo and others and is probably Matteo's work, a substantial part of the ornamental details and execution should tentatively be credited to Nicolao: most notably the decoration around the upper-storey mullioned windows, and the open loggia and blind arches on the ground-floor—elements found in later buildings in Lucca attributed to Nicolao.

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