(b. 1436, Lucca, d. 1501, Lucca)

Tomb of Domenico Bertini

Cathedral of San Martino, Lucca

The Bertini tomb is a simple arcosolium tomb, based on earlier Florentine models and Palaeo-Christian tombs, and includes a life-size bust of the deceased carved in a veristic style akin to that developed by Benedetto da Maiano. It is supported on two marble skulls and a marble iliac bone: references to death not commonly found in Italian Renaissance sculpture at this period. The tone of the tomb is more medieval than Renaissance, and the style appears rather austere and severe when compared to other monuments by Civitali and his contemporaries.

Domenico Bertini (1417-1506) was a patron of Matteo Civitali helping him in opening the first printing press in Lucca in 1477. As operator in the Cathedral, he assigned numerous works to Civitali, including the Tempietto del Volto Santo.

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