(active 1597-1634)

Exterior view

Château, Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne)

The ground was laid for classicism during the regime of Henry IV (reg 1589–1610). The buildings for which Henry IV was directly responsible must be considered in two groups: the additions to the royal palaces, and the improvements to the city of Paris. Of the former the finest example is the stable courtyard portal built by Rémy Collin in a square court (Cour des Offices) open on one side towards the Cour de l'Ovale.

The great entrance is a translation into French terms of Bramante's Belvedere niche. The architect has relied for a great part of his effect on the variety of surface produced by the rustication and by the different colours of the hard local 'grés'. The niche form of entrance is echoed in the semicircular bay in the middle of the opposite side of the court.

The photo shows the entrance gate to the court.

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