CORTONA, Pietro da
(b. 1596, Cortona, d. 1669, Roma)

Ceiling of the Galleria Pamphilj

Palazzo Pamphilj, Rome

The ceiling of the Galleria Pamphilj was painted by Pietro da Cortona with the Legend of Aeneas in 1651-54. After the mid-seventeenth century it became the new pattern for palace galleries, not only in Italy but also in Paris, where in 1704-07 a gallery was appended to the Palais Royal and painted with the same subject matter by Antoine Coypel. The form and iconography of the Galleria Pamphilj continued to be major influences well into the eighteenth century - even on the work of artists with no direct contacts with Rome, e.g. on Lorenzo de' Ferrari in Genoa.

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