(b. ca. 1605, Neerlinter, d. ca. 1661, Bruxelles)


Oil on canvas, 51 x 37 cm
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Josse van Craesbeeck was a baker and acquired citizenship of Antwerp in this profession where he married the daughter of the prison baker. According to the legend it was as a result of this that he came into contact with Adriaen Brouwer, who was imprisoned for his debts and Craesbeeck provided him with bread in the citadel. Craesbeeck was very close to Brouwer, united by their shared enjoyment of inns and because Brouwer instructed Craesbeeck in drawing.

Craesbeeck started off in the same monochrome style as Brouwer, which he abandoned to a certain extent later on.

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