DADDI, Bernardo
(b. ca. 1280, Firenze, d. 1348, Firenze)


c. 1333
Panel, 89 x 97 cm (central panel)
Loggia del Bigallo, Florence

Bernardo Daddi is a painter, whose sensitivity was more suited to panel painting then to frescoes, which he rarely painted. This triptych intended for personal devotion is typical; his pictures are intimate, even those intended for important public places. In the centre the Virgin smiles gently as she admonishes the playful Christ Child. The delicate Gothic forms of the throne provide ample space for her, yet seem to diminish her monumental size. The two donors are made small for the sake of convention. The surrounding saints and prophets rise like a rose trellis. Intimacy extends to the side wings where the Nativity and the Crucifixion are represented.

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