(d. 1409, active in Emilia)

Madonna and Child

Basilica di San Marco, Venice

The brothers Pierpaolo and Jacobello Dalle Masegne worked as "joint partners in their father's inheritance," a form of association that made both responsible for every single task. When they worked on the choir screen for San Marco (1394-97), the brothers shared out the tasks: Jacobello produced the fourteen figures in front of the presbytery and Pierpaolo did the other ten in front of the chapels of St Peter and St Clement. Pierpaolo's Madonnas and the figures of female Saints are in the style of Nino Pisano, Jacobello's Apostles, in contrast, are influenced by the Lombard sculpture of Bonino da Campione and his circle.

The picture shows the Madonna and Child by Pierpaolo Dalle Masegne on the choir screen of the chapel of San Clemente.

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