(d. 1409, active in Emilia)


San Domenico, Pesaro

Historically, the work of the Dalle Masegne is of more importance than its intrinsic merits might appear to justify. It spread to Milan, where the two brothers were employed in 1399 and where it left its mark on the sarcophagus of Marco Carelli in the Cathedral; it reached the Marches, impressing itself upon the doorway of San Domenico at Pesaro; and through the work of Jacopo della Quercia at Lucca and Leonardo Riccomanni at Sarzana it penetrated Tuscany (John Pope-Hennessy).

The portal of San Domenico at Pesaro has a rich sculptural decoration. It was built towards the end of the fourteenth century and is the only original part of the church dedicated to San Domenico that is still preserved. The church in the past closed the central square of the city of Pesaro. After various transformations in the last century, the church was largely demolished to create the headquarters of the central post offices.

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