DUGHET, Gaspard
(b. 1615, Roma, d. 1675, Roma)


Oil on canvas, 74 x 99 cm
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Claude and Poussin represent the two great tendencies in French classical landscape in the seventeenth century, but there were among their contemporaries several painters who enjoyed not unmerited success in this field. The most distinguished of them was Poussin's brother-in-law, Gaspar Dughet. His formula is a synthesis of the methods of Poussin and Claude. His space composition is less rigidly geometrical than Poussin's, but more finite than Claude's; he lacks Claude's fine perception of light, but is more generous in his treatment of it than Poussin. He conveys vividly the bare and rugged character of the more mountainous country round Rome, which neither Poussin nor Claude seems to have appreciated.

After his death Dughet's style was widely imitated in Rome till well after 1700.

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